She Wanted to Reach the Violent Kingdom: the story behind it.

She wanted to reach the Violent Kingdom

She wanted to reach the Violent Kingdom

Have you ever felt like you could do with some venting, some release… some violence? Have you ever felt trapped in your own morals and ethics? Like right or wrong are no longer distinguible, like it’s a difference no longer worth making? Have you ever thought about behaving in the same way that those who you repudiate behave? Have you ever sought revenge? Would you be willing to obtain it if it entailed no consequence whatsoever? Do you actually believe you have a free will?

Then, what’s really stopping your conscience?


¿Alguna vez has sentido que necesitabas libertarte, desahogarte, gritar hasta que no hubiese más aire en tus pulmones? ¿Alguna vez has rozado la alarmante línea de requerir la violencia? ¿En ocasiones te sientes atrapado en tu propia moral, ética o ideales, y conceptos como el “bien” y el “mal” empiezan a diluirse en el apetito por conseguir venganza? ¿Estarías dispuesto a obtenerla si ello no conllevase ningún tipo de consecuencia? ¿De verdad crees que eres un ser libre?

Entonces, ¿qué es lo que realmente retiene a tu conciencia?


4 pensamientos en “She Wanted to Reach the Violent Kingdom: the story behind it.

  1. Amazing question to ask considering the decay of society, culture, especially within our urban centers. Then there is this, what prevents me from committing the violence government trained me to commit, society rewarded me for or is the question Who prevents my violence?

  2. I just wanted to recreate the violent self that we all have within us, and the hiprocrisy that there is around it. We all sometimes seek that revenge or experience the natural or animalistic need to be violent (therefore I’m not necessarily talking about an imposed or taught kind of violence). We all have been wronged and we all have wronged. However, the limits are established by religious beliefs, morality, or legal regulations, and even if our instinct tell us to run in that specific direction, we are not completely free to choose if we want to proceed with it or not as we’ve been told over and over again not to. Or even because the fear of consequence for that violent action prevails over our actual violent desire. Either way, our will is being limited.

    I want to clarify though that I’m not really supporting violence!


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