Remedies for bad days

I’ve had a bad day. A really bad one. I’m not even going to explain what has happened, it’s not worth it. But it was bad and I do not like feeling like this (who does, really?)

So, what to do when facing adversity?

People say that money can’t buy happiness. While that might be true, I honestly feel a lot better with a few more items in my pockets bought during the outburst of my misfortunes. So bearing that thought in my mind I went shopping, as frivolous and vain as it sounds. One must indulge oneself from time to time instead  of indulging others who might not deserve it.

And I certainly do deserve it.

So here are today’s coping mechanisms:

PS. Not everything is bad though. I’ve received in the past few days some emails that have made me smile. A lot. If I get permission, I will publish one of those emails here, because it’s incredibly sweet and it’s also beautifully written. It was the only reason why my weekend didn’t suck too much. 



3 pensamientos en “Remedies for bad days

  1. For us words are more powerful than the Atom. Capable of creation or destruction, great beauty or ultimate ugliness. With words comes great responsibility.

    Translation by


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