Weekend Recollection

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Weekend Recollection

Old drafts

Taking a look at old pictures that I have in my phone, I stumbled upon these drafts. They’re around 2 years old, and all of them were poorly made with an IKEA pencil out of boredom and the need to obtain something that I didn’t even know I was craving back then. The funny thing about these is that I clearly remember that the inspiration that sat me down to draw them came from what only could have been defined as exasperation. After all, what usually moves me to create something is the constant disappointment that life inevitably brings with it and my need to find the beauty I can’t obtain somewhere else.

That sounded more serious than I intended… What I was trying to say is that painting and drawing at that time (and now too, I guess) was the response to whatever difficulty may have crossed my way; it was something that calmed me down and put things into perspective. What I didn’t know back then is that I actually needed that reassurance or the reason behind that need, and that I was trying with all my soul to unconsciously run away from that unknown reason.

Mmm that sounded too serious aswell… I guess I have that emo aura around me now that I’ve been in my room for 3 days straight studying. A run might be in order this evening! Or maybe a few drinks out? Or both. God I need the sunlight!

  Anyway, I just wanted to share these drafts for the heck of it!

(Not so) Weekend Recollection.

There aren’t many pictures about my weekend this time. That’s because there are only so many pictures you can take of your own college notes. And well, because the rest of the pictures that I do have are not blog material (meaning that they’re not decent enough to keep my -and other’s- reputation intact).

I didn’t paint much this week; I kind of finished the Khaleesi painting, and I say kind of finished because when I thought I was done with it I began to get annoyed at different parts of it… So it’s not really done until I manage to stop Khaleesi from haunting me.

Which leads me to… Remember the “where are my dragons” scene from season 2 of Game of Thrones?  Well, one of my beloved friends thought it was funny to hide my notes when I wasn’t around (suicidal act; yes, I know). When I asked “where are my notes” in a very angry way, the guys thought it was hilarious (ha, ha) and  decided to call me Khaleesi and “mother of notes” until they forget about it, which I’m afraid is not going to be any time soon…

Anyway, here are some pictures from both my week and weekend:

PS. Just came from the cinema and watched Side Effects; Rooney Mara is amazing in it. Go watch it!

Lonely Hands: the story behind it.

Lonely Hands


Most people – meaning the people I’ve shown my work to; it’s not like I’m famous or anything-  refer to this painting as “the sleeping girl“. They’ve told me that she seems so peaceful, enraptured in a serene dream, and that  the whole piece has a sensual but relaxed  touch.

Well, blatantly, of course it does because she is masturbating. Maybe the “Lonely Hands” title didn’t give it away like I thought it would. Maybe people aren’t comfortable telling me that she looks like she is being a bit naughty. I don’t know. Maybe it isn’t politically correct to say that I painted a masturbating image and that it is the one that people usually like the most.

I like that she seems to be innocently sleeping. I like that she has a serious focused expression. And most importantly, I like that she doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself, like it was a procedure she has to follow in order to keep going, to help her go through her tragedy. Masturbation isn’t necessarily a pleasurable act when done for the wrong reasons and in the wrong time. It could be used to fill a void, to reminisce or even elude something.

Pleasure has its dangers. When we’re weak and lonely, when we have no faith and no motivation to go on with whatever we once believed in. When we’ve been betrayed, lied to, played with and when we’ve had what seems like the entire world treading on us, we turn to whatever makes us feel better. We turn to whatever – or whoever- can release us from our misfortune, even if it is for a couple of seconds. Like addicts, we numb ourselves.

Mastubation (sex) is just another way of getting those few seconds of heaven.

Agnes Cecile: watercolor master

e non ci sara' nesunno


Agnes Cecile is a young italian artist (she was born in 1991) specialised in watercolor portraits with a sort of abstract style. Her “watercolor outbursts” (as I like to call them) are amazingly eloquent and simple, but sometimes also violent and passionate, creating an agonizing feeling in the beholder and making him or her wonder how something so powerful and intense can be pictured in such a delicate and beautiful way.

It would be underappreciating her art and style saying that she has only mastered the watercolor tecnique as her oil, ink and acrylic pieces are equally breathtaking. However, her use of watercolor is better known in the art world mostly thanks to her “speed-painting” videos on youtube. I actually got to know her work thanks to one of her videos, and I ended up being so caught up in her pieces that I had to google Agnes Cecile and absorb every piece of information that there was out there about her! I have to admit, I have some stalking tendencies once I find myself admiring someone (beware!).

Here’s one of her impressive speed-painting videos:

Looking at videos like that one is the kind of thing that makes me feel incredibly inadequate! 

If you are interested in her work and you want to check out more of her paintings, you can visit her Tumblr or her Deviant Art site!


Agnes Cecile es una joven artista italiana nacida en el año 1991 y especializada en retratos de acuarela que en ocasiones rozan lo abstracto. Sus “arrebatos de acuarela” (como a mí me gusta llamarlos) son increíblemente elocuentes y sencillos, pero al mismo tiempo en ellos se puede vislumbrar trazos violentos e impetuosos que crean un sentimiento agonizante en el espectador, haciéndole preguntarse cómo es posible que algo tan intenso y enérgico pueda ser retratado de una manera tan delicada y elegante.

No se estaría haciendo justicia al trabajo de Agnes Cecile si sólo hablásemos de sus láminas de acuarela ya que sus cuadros en óleo, tinta y pintura acrílica son igualmente impresionantes. Sin embargo, realmente es su uso de la acuarela lo que se le ha reconocido más en el mundo del arte, en gran medida gracias a los vídeos que se pueden encontrar de ella en youtube en los que, a través de la técnica del “speed painting“, nos enseña el proceso creativo de alguna de sus obras (un poco más arriba podéis ver un ejemplo de ello). De hecho, yo llegué a conocer de la existencia de esta artista por uno de estos vídeos, y quedé tan conmovida y asombrada por su trabajo que irremediablemente tuve que echar mano de Google para absorber cualquier tipo de información que hubiese de ella en internet (he de reconocer que ciertas tendencias acosadoras se apoderan de mí cuando mi admiración por alguien aparece, ¡quedáis avisados!)

Si estáis interesados en su obra y queréis ver un poco más de su trabajo podéis ir a su Tumblr, o a su página en Deviant Art.


Weekend Recollection.

Getting to know the so called “fan art”.

Game of Thrones is here.  In only 2 days I will have a good reason to look forward to Mondays!!! (here in Spain we have to watch the episode a day after it’s been aired).

And I don’t know what to do with myself in the meantime! (studying Commerce law does not count). So, I’ve decided to take a chance in this fandom’s world by painting one of my favorite characters. Painting something that so many people know and admire is kind of scary… you know what they say: “comparison is the thief of joy“, and it’s impossible not to expect comparisons between the real thing and my attempt to honour this TV-Show.

But oh well, it wouldn’t be fun if it was easy!

The work isn’t finished yet, but I hope it will be before the 31st! I have to say, Khaleesi’s burnt skin is a f*cking nightmare to paint and the little dragon is giving me more problems than I first thought it would. I still have a long way to go, but I’m trying to balance my responsible student life with this bohemian side of me, so the finished product might take a little while.

Blame law school!