Finally, I finished lawschool! Well, I have to wait for some results, but still, the summertime season was oficially opened last friday!

Since then, I’ve been fully enjoying the lack of responsabilities and the relaxation that the holidays bring; which basically means that I’ve been sleeping like there’s no tomorrow, going out, indulging in some frivolous activities such as shopping or pampering up and, most importantly, painting and sketching!

This is what I’ve been busying myself with:

Tomorrow I’ll be travelling to my hometown in the south of Spain, and once I’m settled there my hectic holiday plans are going to start unravelling. I expect to be on the move for a while! For instance, I’m heading to Seville to visit one of my best friends on Friday! I also have everything booked for one special trip in August and I’m currently looking for flights and accomodation in a few more places that probably will suffer my presence in the near future. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to be overly distracted to paint or create, on the contrary, it will inspire me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things on that matter. Free time and new experiences help the experimentation process, and I’m planning to have a hell of a lot of both things.

I’ll keep you posted!

Happy summertime, everyone!


About sketching and sleep deprivation

I know there hasn’t been a Weekend Recollection this time, but I’ve been going crazy here with exams and other circumstances that have kept me incredibly busy. You see, I think the term “busy” is a very interesting thing. Being busy doesn’t exclude the possibility of doing what you want to do entirely, it just gives you the right excuse to stop you from doing whatever you don’t feel like you want to do. So, this week and last week I have been very busy. I had a big exam on Monday  and because of it I didn’t sleep anything at all which resulted in me crashing at the closest house right after the exam, acting like I was on drugs due to the high that I was feeling from sleep deprivation and falling asleep a few hours later on a friend’s couch. However, I did manage to do some sketches right before passing out. That’s what I meant when I said that being busy doesn’t really stop you from doing what you feel like you need to do, and I felt like I needed to do some drawings while my friend, on the other hand, kept trying to take my sketchbook away from me to take me to bed – I guess I really was freaking him out with my behaviour.

Lately I’ve been drawn to sketching situations that represent the meaning of a quote that I’ve found on the internet, that someone has said to me or that I’ve read in a book or listened to in a song. I’m having fun trying to think of the right image to melt into the meaning of the quote, and using only pencils makes it easier for me to do the drawing wherever I am in a relatively short period of time. It’s nothing fancy, I know, but it keeps the withdrawal symptoms for lack of painting at bay while I finish these goddamned exams!

Late Weekend Recollection

I know, I’m nowhere to be found. I don’t update my blog like I used to and I haven’t painted anything in a while. Why? Life happened. I’ve been focusing more on my exams, and last weekend was also my favourite person’s birthday, so I was busy with family visits and gatherings. I wish I had something interesting to say, or some painting idea to share with all of you, but the truth is that I don’t. I could tell you about International Tax Law, or about Philosophy of Law, but I have a feeling that you might not find that thrilling at all! I can’t tease and embarrass my friends on my blog either, because they’re also struggling with real life obligations and the only time I had to actually go out a bit and enjoy myself was yesterday after the could-have-been-a-disaster-but-maybe-I-pulled-it-off  International Tax Law exam

Post exam celebration

So, as a way of compensation for my lack of eloquence right now, I am going to show you the song that has been in my head lately.

Like I said, last weekend was my brother’s birthday. I still owe him his present (I have NOT forgotten), but when I’m  on my exam period I have very little time to do anything besides wallowing in my pain and actually studying, so the only thing I could do for him was to help him (or should I rather say make him help me?) bake a NY Cheesecake to celebrate his new year of wisdom. Here are some pictures of both the baking process and the celebration.

Last week I also received the Agnes Cecile’s artwork that I ordered on Society6! I can’t wait to put it up on my wall. I am IN LOVE with it.

Having said all this, I promise I will try to send little “I am still alive” signs every now and then while my exam period is still going on!


Remedies for bad days

I’ve had a bad day. A really bad one. I’m not even going to explain what has happened, it’s not worth it. But it was bad and I do not like feeling like this (who does, really?)

So, what to do when facing adversity?

People say that money can’t buy happiness. While that might be true, I honestly feel a lot better with a few more items in my pockets bought during the outburst of my misfortunes. So bearing that thought in my mind I went shopping, as frivolous and vain as it sounds. One must indulge oneself from time to time instead  of indulging others who might not deserve it.

And I certainly do deserve it.

So here are today’s coping mechanisms:

PS. Not everything is bad though. I’ve received in the past few days some emails that have made me smile. A lot. If I get permission, I will publish one of those emails here, because it’s incredibly sweet and it’s also beautifully written. It was the only reason why my weekend didn’t suck too much. 


Self Portrait Trial

It’s been way too long since the last time I had a paintbrush in my hands, and today I wasn’t strong enough to hold back my withdrawal symptoms…


So as soon as I finished reviewing one of my favorite Commerce Law lessons (I personally believe that the industrial property area of law is incredibly sexy) I got my watercolors and started painting.  I couldn’t think fast enough of anything interesting to paint in very little time – after all I was only on my break – so I decided to make a self portrait… well, something that looks like a self portrait, really.

I’m not extremely happy with the result, but oh well, there’s only so much you can do in less than an hour.

By the way, Tax Law exam went incredibly well. Maybe, and it’s a big maybe taking into account that at Icade (the Law School I go to) you can NEVER be sure of how you did in an exam, I have a good/very good mark. I passed for sure. And that is why my friend and I decided to go wild and celebrate with our exam hangover remedy!

-Insert sarcasm- Quite a celebration, isn't it?

-Insert sarcasm- Quite a celebration, isn’t it?

The cold winds are rising

(yes, that was a reference to GoT)

I vowed to myself that I wasn’t going to let college make me a hostage of my own life. It had been that way for the past few years, and I can’t be that study machine that I used to be if that means that I have to lose my sanity in the process. So, I’m taking this studying phase incredibly calmed down, unbelivably rational. I’m not freaking out; I read, I study, I go out, I study some more,I indulge in some guilty pleasures that I’m far too embarassed to specify and I get out of the house craving some social interaction. Yeah, it sounds basic, but I didn’t use to do that when I was facing a huge load of exams coming my way. I wouldn’t get out of the house in a week, I would live on coffee and diet coke and at most I would allow myself to talk to one person in my life. I turned myself into a prisoner because I thought that way nothing would break my concentration, nothing would be able to erase whatever I had been memorising for the past few hours. I felt guilty otherwise. I felt guilty because I thought that way I was actually doing what was expected of me, and there was no chance that anyone would say that I hadn’t tried because I had turned down everything else in order to be that study machine that everyone used to be so in love  with.

Guilt used to fuel most of my actions.

Not all are flowers, rainbows and unicorns though. Of course I’m worried and a little stressed out. I have to admit that I am a controlling sadistic bitch when I’m memorising. I might turn into a psychopath aswell if anyone wrongly thinks that he/she is allowed to touch my beloved notes. Right now, my notes and me are the closest thing I have that looks remotedly like a relationship and I get incredibly possessive of them. My precious

But I’ve also found out that some people believe I’m incredibly funny when I’m put on the spot and that my way of dealing with pressure is adorable. Surely, those people suffer from some kind of undiagnosed brain damage, but I’m not going to be the one bursting their bubble. Their company is anchoring me to sanity and keeping me far far away from college madness. They protect me from the competitive aura, but don’t let me get distracted. At all. They are incredible that way.  I might be – I have no doubt I am – an amazing pain in the ass from time to time. However, they cut my bullshit pretty quickly. Too damned quickly for my own liking…

What can I say? Masochism is an important quality that I look for in my closest friends.

I’m sure I’ll get bullied for this post later… (Hey guys!) But, I couldn’t help myself after last night to write something like this, with a title like this. Not after the shit load of jokes that came my way comparing me to certain Game of Thrones characters…

Guys“, right?

The climb is all there is….

Weekend Recollection.