New Paintings Update and “The look of love” contest!

I updated today the “paintings” section of this blog with some of the pieces that I’ve been doing in the past few months. I was waiting until I had them scanned so the picture quality would be better, but I don’t know if I’ve achieved so… Well, I don’t know if the guy who scanned the pieces has achieved so. His incompentence nearly resulted in the loss of one of my pieces last time I went there to scan my work, and yesterday he actually put my scanned artwork into another girl’s pendrive and not into mine. Now, those who know me are aware of the wrath that takes over me when faced by incompetence. Even more when the incompetent himself tries to mask it with meant-to-be-funny-but-not-so-funny remarks. So when I was back at my house and discovered that my contractual transaction had left me paying for a nonexistant service, I kind of lost it… Suffice it to say that it’s going to take a while for my next visit to happen, and presumably it will be the same for the clients who witnessed me lashing out when I went back and made clear that whatever they wanted printed/scanned/photocopied might end up lost or in the hands of a stranger.


I uploaded those same pictures to my profile on FineArtAmerica, so if you are interested in purchasing a print of any of them, you are welcomed to do so! (please, do so!) I wanted you guys to know that I’m also participating in a contest there, hosted by Jerry Nelson called “The look of love” – corny, I know!-. I submitted my Babylon piece and voting begins tomorrow so if you feel so inclined to help me out, you can always give me some love by voting for my piece! Here’s the link, and just to clarify, you do not need to be a FineArtAmerica member in order to vote, so feel free to do so!

I also have a DeviantArt account – yeah I know, I’m everywhere – where you can check out my work too! I’m pretty new there, so I’m still figuring out how it works.

And now that you’re at it, why don’t you go to my facebook profile to see what stupidities I have to say on a daily basis?

I think that was pretty much it… now back to my current love affair!

You gotte love commerce law